York’s Chocolate Story

We recently created two AV exhibits for this brand new visitor attraction “York’s Chocolate Story” exploring York’s unique chocolate and confectionery history.

“Origins” is a 160° panoramic projection which uses newly shot footage and an evocative audio soundscape to tell the story of the Origins of chocolate.  Shot on the RED, Aztec and Mayan warriors and Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortes were filmed on green screen in a London studio.  Background ‘rainforest plates’ were then shot at Kew Gardens and both were combined to create a dramatic and evocative Central American world without leaving the UK.

This ‘Making of Origins’ film shows the way we used post-production techniques to enhance and extend the material we filmed to create the super-wide panoramic format required.

Senior Motion Graphic Designer Daniel Lusby said ……"Multi-layer compositing with RAW 4K files was always going to be tricky, but to motion track and extend over 100 shots seamlessly to fill a 7K resolution screen was certainly a challenge!"

The second exhibit "Founding Families" is a series of animated talking portraits that give the visitor an insight into the famous confectioneers of York such as Rowntree’s and Terry’s. Characters were filmed green screen and embedded within realistic environments accordingly to their period. Characters and backgrounds were then treated and animated in After-Effects to suit their environment.

Exhibition Design: Met Studio
Client: Continuum