The Olympic Museum TV Ad

After working with The Olympic Museum team for several years, producing all the AV and multimedia content for the newly renovated museum in Switzerland, Centre Screen were asked to create a new TV commercial to promote the museum to tourists from around Switzerland.

Our creative solution was an exciting concept of using innovative projection mapping on to two human characters, using dynamic graphics and symbols to demonstrate the values and culture of Olympism and the fun and excitement of the museum.

You can read more about the making of these commercials in our ‘behind the scenes’ blog post, here.

The 2 x 30 seconds ads incorporated the museum’s brand that the Olympics not only represent sport, but also art and culture.

A central male and female character symbolically represent the attributes of key Olympic characters and events: fun, friendship, dreams, hopes, fears.

The projected image mapping on the face metaphorically, graphically and illustratively represents the thoughts and aspirations of the Olympics and the Olympians.

The shape and contours of the face dynamically de-construct and re-build with iconic shapes, colourful patterns and fun, expressive imagery that represent a ‘vision’.