The Olympic Journey

We produced all the AV software for “The Olympic Journey: The Story of the Games”, a temporary exhibition staged at the Royal Opera House throughout the period of the Olympics.

The Olympic Museum in Lausanne joined together with BP and the Royal Opera House to create this exhibition telling the story of the Olympic Games. Our AV software created this story in sound, film and large-scale projections, from the ancient games through to the modern Olympics.

Exhibition Design: Hypsos

From the moment the visitor stepped into the Opera House off the busy Covent Garden street, they were immersed in the sound and smells of Olympia. A huge Grecian vase magically came to life through a stunning 360° animation depicting a chariot race.

As the story moved through the twentieth century, our torch relay AV cleverly linked archive footage across 17 monitors for over 20 metres.

The final exhibition space in the Opera House was the Paul Hamlyn Hall. Here, our immersive audio-visual experience was projected over a huge expanse of ribbon, filling the great room with impressionistic and iconic imagery. The sequences featured 16 of the all time great Olympians in grand sweeping bursts of energy.

Our intimate stories relating to key objects and stories were told in a very direct and engaging way on a series of small monitors.
Naturally given the venue, the soundtrack was very carefully created to fill the various spaces with an emotive and striking musical sound-scape.