The Nano Nagle Place

The Nano Nagle Place, close to the banks of the River Lee in Cork, is a new visitor centre commemorating the life and legacy of the Blessed Honora ‘Nano’ Nagle, founder of the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It tells the story of 18th Century Cork, Nano Nagle’s inspiring work and the lives and work of the Presentation Sisters over time, and today.

Centre Screen was commissioned to provide several linear and interactive exhibits, including a large-scale projection detailing life in 18th century Cork, a biography of Honora Nagle herself, and an interactive world map, showing the worldwide growth of the order she founded.

Working with JCA Architects and representatives of the Presentation Sisters themselves, we created a suite of software that combined historical context with a tribute to the powerful faith and selfless compassion of this remarkable woman.

Described by Cork’s Evening Echo as “interactive and engrossing,” the exhibition opened in June 2017.

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