Royal College of Surgeons

Centre Screen recreated one of the most ambitious feats in modern medicine: the first recorded public dissection in Scotland. We worked with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, designers Campbell & Co and AV consultant Douglas Bolton, to create a multi-projection immersive show hosted within a purpose built Anatomy Theatre.

The show is based on the incredible story of David Myles who, on 27th November, 1702, was hanged for incest with his sister.  Almost 313 years later, this exhibit will produce a modern-day digital representation of Mr Myles’ post mortem, that took place at old Surgeon’s Hall in Edinburgh, over 7 days, presided over by the great physician Archibald Pitcairn.

Archibald Pitcairn is brought to life by an actor, narrating the show, guiding visitors through the 7 days of dissection using fascinating anatomical archive illustrations and highlighting the amazing advancements made in our understanding of the human body, still benefitting modern surgery and medicine today.

For more information about the work taking place at Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh please head to their website.