The Magna Carta Vault

Centre Screen created two immersive films for the Magna Carta Vault at Lincoln Castle: an impressive 210-degree wraparound screen in a full height, specially designed cinematic auditorium, complete with 3D sound.

Working closely with designers Ralph Appelbaum Associates, we condensed 800-years of history into 17-minutes, to tell the story of ‘Bad King John,’ and the creation of some of the most celebrated documents in history – the Magna Carta and Charter of the Forest.

Starring Jeff Stewart as King John, the main film Magna Carta: Challenging the Power of a King, uses a mix of live action recreation filmed in a stunning studio set, composited with animated archive material taken from the ‘Chronica Majora,’ and animated CGI sequences produced by The Pond.

The supporting film: Magna Carta: Meaning and Myth is a beautifully animated 5-minute film that takes a fresh look at the significance of the facts and figures, myths and meanings behind the charters. The story is visualised through stylistic animated CGI environments and archive content created by The Pond and our team of in-house designers.

The films are completed with a rousing atmospheric 3D soundtrack, which was specially mixed on site by our team and ‘True 3D’ sound design environment expert Charlie Morrow for maximum impact in the unique theatre space.

Image below – Producer Laura Harris meeting Princess Anne during the opening of The Magna Carta Vault.