Ionad Cultúrtha an Phiarsaigh

In November 2016 Patrick Pearse’s cottage in Ros Muc, Ireland, resumed a role it played in Pearse’s own life: that of a cultural centre dedicated to the language, customs and history of the Gaeltacht.

Working with Bright 3D and Marcon, Centre Screen have created a range of film and interactive installations that celebrate the unique character and heritage of Ireland’s Gaelic-speaking population as well as the life and legacy of Patrick Pearse himself.

Among the key exhibits is a collection of films about everyday life in the Gaeltacht, covering everything from a traditional boat race to baking bread at home and a morning at the crèche. Elsewhere, an interactive touchscreen allows visitors to explore a photograph taken outside Galway Town Hall in 1916, learning more about the key figures in Gaelic culture and Irish history posing for the picture.

Other interactive exhibits include a timeline of the Irish language, culture and history, a table map of Connemara linking the area to Pearse’s writings, and a celebration of Pearse as author, playwright, poet and journalist.

The project involved extensive location shooting; we worked closely with local film-makers and content providers, allowing deep access to – and an authentic perspective on – this rich and fascinating cultural and historic treasure trove.