From Field to Fork

Centre Screen’s interactive media technology is helping Tatton Park’s Farm tell the tale of our food’s journey from Field to Fork.


With a historic manor house, a working farm, and a packed annual calendar of events celebrating everything from flowers to classic cars, all set in over 1000 acres of deer park, it’s easy to see why Tatton Park in Cheshire is one of the region’s best-loved heritage attractions. More than 800,000 people visit every year, and a recent investment of £1.3 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund is set to boost the Park’s appeal even further.

Centre Screen played a key role in the recent improvements, developing and producing a bespoke interactive app for the Field to Fork attraction at Tatton Park’s Farm. Interactive media producer Daniele Baron talks us through the production process.

‘Designed to be downloaded onto IOS or Android platforms, the app engages and informs visitors and helps them get more from their visits. Intuition of use and real accessibility were key to the development, with the app allowing all visitors to explore all parts of the farm, irrespective of physical ability or constraints.

‘It features a 360 degree photo tour of key locations of the Farm, & uses these locations and their associated objects to tell the story of how food gets from to field, and of the Farm’s evolving history. Other features include a social-media linked ‘Postcard’, a ‘What’s on?’ Guide, and a fun family-oriented treasure hunt that encourages visitors to learn as they explore for themselves and chase down clues for a prize.

‘Building the app was an exercise in creative content management. Its success was down to a great collaborative effort from Centre Screen, Exhibition Plus and the Tatton Park team. The main challenges included guaranteeing full functionality across two different platforms, and, as usual, keeping everything within a strict budget. Heritage Lottery Funding is hard-won, and we’re always mindful of ensuring that the client gets the best possible value from available funding.

‘As ever, the project was hard work mixed with some great moments of satisfaction. Watching the client team respond with such enthusiasm when presented with the first version of the app that featured pop video and image content was really nice. We hope the visitors will react with just as much enthusiasm’.

‘Field to Fork’ is open to the public now. For all details, visit the website.