FIFA World Football Museum – Brazil 2014 Revisited

Large Format AV. Motion Graphics. Multimedia Touchscreens. Soundscape.

Brazil 2014 Revisited is the first in a series of temporary exhibitions that will be held in Zurich’s FIFA World Football Museum. Centre Screen created all the audiovisual and multimedia content, working with designers Ralph Appelbaum Associates and the FIFA World Football Museum curatorial team to make a strong opening chapter for the series.

We produced several pieces of content for the gallery, beginning with the atmospheric Intro Audio that conveys the rich sounds of Brazilian samba with snippets of ‘going to the match’ to draw visitors into the exhibition space.

Looking back at the history of football in Brazil is the Legends audiovisual projection. Using graphic framing and montage video it highlights Brazil’s greatest heroes through some of their greatest ever moments throughout World Cup history – names like Pelé, Ronaldo and Sócrates.

The scene-setting Tournament AV provides a backdrop to the wider gallery. This large-scale projection recaps the 2014 competition from group stage to the final, displaying the exciting, passionate, and controversial key moments, complete with a bespoke soundtrack.

Complimenting this, the Tournament Plinths offer touchscreen-controlled access to key stories from each stage of the competition, with a dedicated unit for quarter finals, semi finals and so on.

By contrast, the Host Country/Cities touchscreen multimedia installation allows visitors to navigate through information about the venues where the matches were played, and focuses on the legacy of the 2014 tournament within Brazil.


photo credit: RAA

photo credit: RAA

photo credit: RAA