Ferrari World

We produced the media for the ‘Made in Maranello’ dark ride at the world’s first ever Ferrari theme park in Abu Dhabi. Visitors follow the entire creation process from the early design stages through to the production of engine parts, painting and assembly before finally seeing the finished model on the test track.

Our stunning visuals work across a number of environments including a dome experience and large format, panoramic projections. The entire ride is choreographed to an evocative audio track with specially commissioned music performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

This scene was created entirely in CGI due to filming restrictions in the factory.

These shots are shown within an ambitious 15 metre dome experience combining 3D CGI simulations and live action footage.

We constucted this abstract set to represent the design studio. This is projected across multiple suspended shard screens.

Visitors are blown with air and see workers checking the car in the control booth as they travel past the wind tunnel.

For the finale sequence we filmed at Ferrari’s test track using large format Vista Vision film to create 25 metre wide panoramic projections.

This compilation edit shows a taster of what visitors will see on this factory ride experience.

We filmed the body assembly against green screen on location in Maranello.

We used a motion control rig to film the V12 engine assembly.

Off-site test projection of the engine assembly scene.

Off-site test projection on shard screens for the design office sequence.

Exhibition Design: Jack Rouse Associates