D-Day: Interception, Intelligence, Invasion

On the 11 April, Bletchley Park opens their doors to a new permanent exhibition. D-Day: Interception, Intelligence, Invasion tells the previously secret stories of the men & women of Bletchley Park and the significant impact their work had on the invasion that heralded the liberation of Europe. For over 3 years, Centre Screen have been working alongside exhibition designers PLB, DJW, The Hub and the Bletchley Park Trust to help bring their stories to life.

D-Day: Interception, Intelligence, Invasion is a new immersive cinematic experience set within the grounds of Bletchley Park. After several years of development, the original Teleprinter Building has been restored to house a new permanent D-Day exhibition featuring a 12 minute, 22 metre projection-mapped cinematic experience.


This fractured screen layout is used to display dynamically an array of newly commissioned film and motion graphic sequences alongside original cypher messages and wartime archive footage. The immersive experience transports the audience from the quiet rural setting of Bletchley Park to the front line on the beaches of Normandy, and into the minds of the Allied intelligence operatives and their Axis adversaries.


The spatial design of the gallery combines effectively with the narrative within the film to bring all these individual elements together and form a cohesive storytelling spectacle. Working closely with hardware integrators DJW onsite ensured the content was video mapped accurately onto the fractured screens. The carefully coordinated screens work alone and together, creating a show sequence inspired by the drama and suspense of the secret world of the Codebreakers.


‘After 18 months of hard work, we’re delighted that we’ll soon be able to share this project with an audience’, said Dan Lusby, Centre Screen’s Lead Designer. ‘It was a real privilege to have the opportunity to work so closely with Bletchley Park’s trustees and experts and play our part in telling the stories of these extraordinary men & women who did so much behind the scenes to make D-Day a success. Creating this 12-minute immersive experience has taken us from the beaches of Wales, where we filmed Territorial Army soldiers re-enacting elements of the Normandy landings, to the original Bletchley Park Huts where we were given exclusive access to Enigma & Lorenz code-breaking machines. We’re really proud of the end result, & hope audiences will enjoy learning & engaging with the hidden histories of era-defining events that still shape our shared modern world’.