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Stowe House: Tales of creativity and great extravagance

31. March 2015

Tales of Creativity and Great Extravagance

Stowe House is a flamboyant and glorious 18th century historical house and gardens set in the heart of rural Buckinghamshire. It is considered by many as an architectural masterpiece, and for many centuries it has inspired new ways of thinking, creativity and design that has inspired the world.

Centre Screen are working with Stowe House Preservation Trust and exhibition designers Opera to create a multi-screen, theatrical and interactive experience that will bring these stories to life using an imaginative interplay of dramatic acted scenes and magical animation techniques. Visitors will get to meet some of the House’s most flamboyant and outrageous occupants in what promises to be a surprising and eye-opening experience.

Take a look at Stowe’s beauty via their website.

Lion Salt Works: The last remaining open pan saltworks

19. January 2015

Lion Salt Works

Lion Salt Works, the last remaining open pan saltworks in Marston in Cheshire, is being transformed, as part of an £8 million project, into a unique heritage attraction.

The site is expected to be a valued resource for local communities, businesses and heritage interest groups.

Centre Screen are producing a wide range of multimedia, film and audio exhibits. Central to the new visitor centre will be the ‘Boiling Pan’ immersive AV experience which will imaginatively and artistically bring to life the gruelling work of the lumpman and wallers.

Working with the Cheshire West and Chester Council and RFA Design we will use archive imagery, interactive technology and new media to tell the story of the salt workers, the Thompson family and how the industry has affected the surrounding landscape.

The restored site, which has been funded by the Council, Heritage Lottery FundEnglish Heritage and Manage+, is due to be unveiled mid-March.

Major Redevelopment at Coventry Transport Museum

5. November 2014

Major Redevelopment at Coventry Transport Museum

Coventry Transport Museum, the birthplace of the British cycle and motor industry, is currently undergoing major works to redevelop their existing galleries as part of an £8.5 million project to transform the museum.

The new exhibitions, which have been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the European Regional Development Fund, BIFFA Award, Arts Council England and Garfield Weston will be rolled out across several phases, the last of which is due to open in April 2015.

Centre Screen are producing a variety of exciting AV and interactive content for the project including a series of projected AVS that tell the story of the changing face of the transport industry in Coventry.  Using  a variety of archive media, photography, animation, graphics and music, the series of 6 AVS transport the visitor through time; from the bicycle boom of the late 1800s, to the thriving industry of the 50’s and 60’s, and the ultimate decline in production and subsequent factory closures of the 1970s which changed the city forever.

The Spirit of Speed Gallery is being updated with two new projections that look at the record breaking run of the Land Speed Record being broken in both the Thrust2 andThrustSSC vehicles, and will include a new 4D simulator ride that provides a visceral experience for visitors of what it was like to break the sound barrier in ThrustSSC.

Visitors can also engage in a range of interactive touchscreen exhibits that focus on a diverse range of subjects – from the Triumph Memorial Interactive that salutes local Coventry transport factory workers who were victims of WWI, to a look behind the process of mass production lines in the UK and US, as well as an interactive that explores the misconception about electric vehicles  by comparing and contrasting environmental costs and consequences. It’s not just about old bangers!

The museum is still open to visitors throughout this redevelopment and you can keep an eye on the progress through the museum website.

Across International Boundaries

29. October 2014

Across International Boundaries

This year, Centre Screen are pleased to be working on a variety of international projects. Following the recent successful completion of The Olympic Museum in Switzerland, (which has seen over 45,000 visitors in its opening 4 weeks), we are looking forward to working with more international clients over the coming months.

In Qatar, several large-scale historical re-enactments as well as more contemporary shoots have taken our production team to a variety of challenging locations with 4K filming taking place both in the heat of the desert and deep underwater.

The photo above was taken during a recent recce in Oman for another 4K film, this time for a major museum in the country. Further exciting projects featuring both AV and interactive media are also set to begin in India and Abu Dhabi.

New exhibition coming to Swansea’s Dylan Thomas Centre

16. October 2014

Dylan Thomas Centre

Centre Screen is very excited to be working with the City and County of Swansea’s Dylan Thomas Centre on a new exhibition in honour of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas and in celebration of the centenary of his birth.

The new exhibition is due to open in October 2014 and was made possible by a successful grant bid to the HLF and funding from the City and County of Swansea. Celebrating his life, work and legacy, the exhibition takes the visitor on a journey into Dylan’s world of words, poetry and performance providing an exciting, dramatic and participatory experience for visitors.

Centre Screen’s contribution includes several interactive touchscreen exhibits that explore the style of Dylan’s unique poetry and work process. Visitors of all ages can put themselves in Dylan’s shoes and have a go at completing one of his most famous poems in an interactive word game, listen to Dylan’s pronunciation of certain words and engage with poetic techniques.

Visitors have the opportunity to sit at Dylan’s desk in a reconstruction of his famous writing shed. The virtual view from the window offers a dream-like AV exploration of the places, people and things that influenced and inspired Dylan when he wrote.

The Performance Space is another area of the exhibition where visitors can experience an immersive audio-visual experience that celebrates the way Dylan captured audiences and performers with his voice, words and charm. Structured like a performance itself, this AV immerses audiences into a graphically animated feast of spoken words while the voices of Dylan, Richard Burton, Prince Charles and Elizabeth Taylor, among many others, bring Dylan’s work to life.

Exploring both the serious poet and the charming public figure loved by everyone, Centre Screen is proud to be working on this inspiring exhibition which will no doubt offer something for everyone, whether you are a long-time Dylan fan or a complete novice to poetry.

Interactive Multimedia Table at Ulster Museum

16. September 2014

Ulster Museum

Centre Screen are delighted to be working with The Ulster Museum in Belfast to create an exciting and engaging interactive multimedia table that will be housed in the new ‘The Making of Modern Ulster: 1500-1968’ gallery.

Six touchscreens work together as one table, containing different themes and content, to display a mixture of images, artefacts, videos and audio files that tell the story of the making of modern Ulster.

Designed to complement the new gallery, the interactive table will be used by visitors to view display objects in more detail and explore historical themes by encouraging independent thought, interpretation and analysis of the content.

The new gallery is due to open in November 2014. In the meantime, to find out more information about the Ulster Museum head to their website.

Magna Carta, Lincoln Castle Revealed

3. September 2014

Magna Carta Lincoln Castle Revealed

We are very excited to be producing 2 films for the Lincoln Castle Revealed project, which will open its doors in 2015 to coincide with the 800 year anniversary signing of Magna Carta.

Housed in the Magna Carta Vault, the films will be projected onto a curved 210 degree wraparound screen in a full height cinematic auditorium, complete with 3D sound for an incredible immersive experience.   The films will tell the fascinating medieval stories that changed the history of liberty and justice, and shaped our modern rights today.

We are in full swing with post-production after a brilliant shoot – watch this space for exciting updates!

Find out more about the Lincoln Castle Revealed project on the Lincolnshire Council website

Llanelly House, Wales

11. July 2014

Llanelly House Wales

We are currently completing a series of imaginative and engaging audio visual experiences for Llanelly House in Llanelli, South Wales. The house opened its doors in October 2013 after a £6 million restoration project to bring the house back to its former glory. A digital interactive experience is due to launch in August 2014, for which Centre Screen is producing a range of media, including an immersive show, talking portraits and character films which complement the guided tours and bring the history and characters alive.

You can learn more about Llanelly House on their website here.

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