Phase 2 of the Museum of Liverpool opens

Museum of Liverpool

We were delighted to attend the official opening of the new galleries at the Museum of Liverpool which were unveiled by The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh on 01st December 2011.

We have been lucky enough to work on both phases of the development of this prestigious project; the largest newly-built national museum in Britain for more than a century and the world’s first national museum devoted to the history of a regional city.

The range of exhibits we have worked on over the past 2 years is too numerous to list here (so we suggest you take a look round the museum yourself) but there have been some particular highlights…

  • a 360˚ immersive AV experience exploring the history of football in the city and the relationship between its two famous clubs
  • a multi-user, interactive music quiz encouraging visitors to explore the diversity of music inspired by the area
  • a multi-screen AV positioned around the newly restored 1838 steam locomotive ‘Lion’ designed to help bring this famous engine to life
  • a lively, interactive guide to understanding and speaking Scouse examining the linguistic roots of this unique dialect

Other Contributors: Haley Sharpe – Exhibition Designers for Wondrous Place, Global City, Little Liverpool, Atrium, wayfinding and the exhibition system; Redman Design – Exhibition Designers for The People’s Republic, The Great Port, The Liverpool Overhead Railway, History Detectives and City Soldiers galleries; Sysco Systems – Hardware Specialists.

To find out more please visit the official website

Museum of Liverpool

Associate Director Steve Hewitt was lucky enough to met the Queen herself!

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