With production well under way on our collaboration with Redman Design for the new International Bomber Command Centre, the team went down to Lincoln to catch up with the client team, present the latest work, and take a first look at the building.

And quite a building it is, too, from the imposing black-box space of Operation Bomber Command – where our 7m projections will dominate one wall – to the airy mezzanine gallery dedicated to post-war remembrance.

DSC_0043 (1)

There’s more to it than sightseeing, of course; seeing the space where the exhibits will run provides essential confirmation of technical and sometimes conceptual decisions.  And we do like to keep talking to our clients (in this case, Project Director Nicky Barr and Curator Dr. Dan Ellin) to make sure we’re all on the same page.

For the first time, too, we were able to get a close look at the memorial spire – 102 feet tall, the same as the wingspan of an Avro Lancaster bomber – and gardens… and if any part of the physical structure drives home the scale of Bomber Command’s sacrifice, it’s this. Over 57,000 RAF personnel died waging this controversial part of the war; to see their names carved into the patinated panels in the shadow of the spire… even on a warm day, we felt a chill.

Telling this story well and honestly, commemorating “those who served and those who suffered,” is a responsibility we all feel keenly, not least because some of us have personal connections to Bomber Command. And we’re all looking forward to seeing our films and interactives up and running in situ, when the Centre opens later this year.



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